Poseion BT100® Tips & FAQs

1. Can I drink the water produced by my Poseion BT100® showerhead?

As tempting as it sounds, we do not recommend that you drink the water from the BT100® or any other showerhead for that matter. We rely on a different kind of water filter to make water drinkable. 

2. Is the spray pattern adjustable?

Unfortunately, the spray pattern is not adjustable at this time.

3. There’s a wind tunnel in my shower every time I use my shower head, is this normal?

This is perfectly normal. The wind is just a byproduct of the pressurized spray produced by the Poseion BT100® Signature Microplate and is something similar to the wind that you would feel at the base of a waterfall.

4. What’s the best way to store the showerhead when it’s not in use?

The best way to store the showerhead when not in use is to hang the BT100® in a showerhead bracket.

5. There’s water buildup on my microplate and it is affecting the spray pattern, how do I fix this?

Simply, unscrew the outer ring that holds the Poseion’s Signature Microplate in place. Remove and place the microplate in a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. If this proves unsuccessful, you may require a retail product that removes hard water deposits typically found at your local or big box plumbing or hardware store.  Two black Poseion BT100 Showerheads laying on their sides, side by side with the blue O-Ring exposed to show the correct placement of the blue O-Ring when removing the microplate to clean it. Both black Poseion BT100 Showerheads are laying on a glossy black reflective surface. The showerhead on the right shows the correct placement of the blue O-Ring on the Poseion BT100.
Please note: 
When placing the Rubber O-Ring back onto your showerhead, please ensure that the O-Ring is placed around the Magnetized Counter-Spin Revitalizer™ before screwing the outer ring that holds the microplate in place. Caution: To prevent injury, please use caution when removing the microplate.

6. My brand-new filter is already brown, is this normal?

Yes, this means that your filter is actually working. There is no need to change the filter unless the water pressure is noticeably reduced. We recommend changing your filter every 4-6 months to get the most out of your BT100®.  

7. How do I change the Sediment Filter?

Please note: The life of your filter depends on your local water quality and frequency of use.

8. Can I recycle the Sediment Filter?

Yes, the Sediment Filter is categorized as Plastic #5 – Polypropylene (PP) and can be recycled. Please check with your local Recycling Program for more information.

9. I lost my user manual, where can I find a replacement?