Poseion BT100® Showerhead Bundle

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Product Description

Upgrade your shower experience and bolster your skin care regimen with the all-new Poseion BT100® Showerhead Bundle Pack. The Poseion BT100® Showerhead Bundle Pack includes a set of 4 – SF140® Sediment Filters along with your choice of color for the Poseion BT100® Showerhead.

Ordinary tap water’s transformation begins in the handle of the BT100®, where the SF140® High-Density Polypropylene Sediment Filter filters out the undissolved sediment and particles responsible for hard water. This water is then transformed into Magnetized Water by the Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer™, where spinning magnets work to lower the surface tension of your water; allowing water to flow less restricted deeply to effectively irrigate your pores. Giving you the remarkable rinsing power of Magnetized Water and the unprecedented feeling of skin hydration due to Magnetized Water’s molecular compatibility with your skin. With Poseion's Signature Microplate, you are able to enjoy a high-pressure satisfying shower experience that is both useful and relaxing, all while using up to 35% less water. Take control of your skin care and enjoy the extraordinary feeling of clean and skin hydration that comes with showering with the Poseion BT100® Magnetized Water Showerhead!

  • Quickly & easily saturate and rinse your skin, scalp, and hair
  • Noticeably deeper level of clean that you can feel and smell with soft water that is useful. 
  • Helps enhance quality of your hair
  • Maximizes the effects of body moisturizing and anti-aging regimens to help your skin, scalp, and hair look, smell, and feel better
  • Works well for people who have fickle or irritable skin exacerbated by hard water or not controlled with filtered water.
  • Reduction in skin’s oiliness by 78.19%*
  • Reduction in skin’s sebum by 24.23%*
  • Helps remove the chemicals and contaminants associated with hair loss from your hair and scalp
  • Reduction in scalp oiliness by 83.06%*
  • Increase in scalp hydration by 403.13%*
  • Increase in color tone skin radiance by 3.13%*
  • Water Conservation - Uses up to 35% less water than a conventional showerhead*

*denotes results after 4 weeks of use from independent clinical tests conducted on the Poseion BT100® by the internationally recognized Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR).

Product Features
  • High-Density Propylene Sediment Filter – Filters out hard water sediment and particles 5 microns and larger - roughly the size of one of your smallest blood vessels.
  • Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer – Transforms water into Magnetized Water that lowers water’s surface tension to deliver an unprecedented level of clean and skin hydration; all while reducing overall sebum & oiliness.
  • Microplate – Contains 315 – 0.20 mm holes – Pressurizes your shower experience via a non-adjustable spray pattern, while reducing the overall amount of water used by up to 35% without sacrificing your shower experience.
  • Aesthetically Designed Viewing Ports - Allows you to view water’s transformation into Magnetized Water as well as the status of your Sediment Filter while it works to transform your shower water.
  • Iteratively Engineered to be durable, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing.

Product Specifications

Product Manufacturer: Poseion
Product Model Number: BT100®
Product Weight: 7.76 oz.
Product Dimensions: 3.62 in. x 2.87 in. x 9.50 in.
Product Styles: White/Black
Product Materials: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate/Aluminum
Product Components: Showerhead Assembly Housing, Sediment Filter, Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer, Microplate
Spray Pattern: Non-Adjustable
Flow Rate: 2.49 gpm/CA CEC Compliant Flow Rate: 1.79 gpm
Installation Method: Easily installs and fits all standard showerhead hoses
Product Usage: Commercial/Residential, Outdoor, Indoor, Home
Shipping Information: Free Shipping 
Warranty Information: Limited/Lifetime Warranty - See Warranty Page
Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

ASME A112.18.1
2.49 gpm (9.45 Liter/min) maximum @ 80 psi
1.88 gpm (7.14 Liter/min) minimum @ 45 psi
For use with automatic compensating valve rated at 2.3 gpm (8.7 L/min) or less

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great shower piece

I wasn’t sure about this shower head at first but, it’s been 8 months now and I still love it. The water difference is nice and, I’d swear it accelerates the healing of dry skin, easy cleaning and durable, worth every penny…

Judy Tegner
Judy Tegner Review

I love the new shower head. Does it have healing properties? The reason I ask: just after receiving the Poseion shower head I had a rash on my buttocks. It went away rather quickly. I had the rash once time before but it took a week for it to disapate with antibiotic and ointment.

Thank you very much for your review, we sincerely appreciate when our Customers leave a verified review to highlight their experiences with our products. We are glad that you love your BT100®! We definitely love it too! To answer your question - when you take the time to listen to your skin, your skin will tell you everything that you want to know. Your experience is a common experience with the BT100®. What you are experiencing is Magnetized Water’s lower surface tension. This allows Magnetized Water to effectively rinse the surface contaminants that adhere to your skin, and unexplainably exacerbate and irritate your skin, causing minor/medium skin flare-ups that simply are not addressed with conventional water, let alone filtered water.

With that, we wish you many great shower experiences ahead and please feel free to reach out if there is anything that we can help you with. Thank you again for choosing Poseion and enjoy the rest of your day!

Doubts be gone!

I was a bit skeptical about this as I had never heard of it. The 45 day money back guarantee allowed me to try it without being to worried. Needless to say I will NOT be returning. This is an exceptional product and showers are amazing. Pressure is perfect and the feel is amazing. I do actually feel cleaner and it has helped my skin more than I thought!


I love this product this is my second shower

William Hinton
Ok shower

This one is better made than most of the showerheads with the high pressure and filter but I like the cyclonic water actionbetterin the cheaper showerheads.

Thank you for submitting your verified review! As always, we appreciate the feedback that comes from our customers as it helps us validate our efforts and helps us continually improve our products that have become an integral part of all of our daily routines.

Thank you for seeing the quality in the construction of your BT100® Showerhead and the SF140® Sediment Filter. Our Engineers will be pleased to know that someone acknowledges their hard work, effort, and the countless hours that have gone into making the BT100® as functional and as aesthetically pleasing as it is.

With the Cyclonic Shower™ water action, it’s an experience in it of itself. Unfortunately, even if we wanted to “share” similarities, I think they’ve trademarked their water action, and it simply doesn’t work for our BT100® in producing Magnetized Water. In order to create Magnetized Water that is helpful instead of harmful, we had to find a delicate balance between water action and water pressure. This is simply not an easy feat. So, instead of getting hit with a “water cyclonesque” water action, the BT100® hits you with your own personal concentrated heavy rain downpour. With our Magnetized Water downpour, you can expect to experience a Clinically Proven clean, hydration as well as sebum and oil control for your skin, scalp, and hair that is unmatched by any showerhead.

As always, we wish you many great shower experiences ahead and thank you again for choosing Poseion!