Poseion SF140® Sediment Filter

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Product Description

The SF140® Sediment Filter Set contains 4 x replacement soft water filters made exclusively for use with the Poseion BT100® Showerhead. The High-Density Polypropylene Filter filters out undissolved hard water sediment and particles – 5 microns and larger (roughly the size of one of your smallest blood vessels) typically left behind to accumulate on your hair and in the pores of your skin & scalp. 

Please Note: The life of your SF140® Sediment Filter depends on the quality of the water in which you use the Poseion BT100® Showerhead. With regular use, please replace the Sediment Filter once there is a noticeable degradation in the performance of your BT100® and/or when your filter assumes a solid gray or black hue. Whichever occurs first. We recommend filter changes every 4-6 months to ensure that your BT100® is working optimally. 

Product Specifications

Product Manufacturer: Poseion
Product Model Number: SF140®
Product Weight: 0.31 oz.
Product Dimensions: 4.38 in. x 1.25 in. x 5.25 in.
Product Materials: Polypropylene
Product Components: High-Density Polypropylene Sediment Filter.
Recycling Information: #5 Polypropylene
Installation Method: Easily unscrew handle and replace with new filter.   
Product Usage: Poseion BT100® Showerhead
Shipping Information: Free Shipping
Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Calvin Holt
Simply Amazing!

Using this showerhead has really improved the overall condition of my skin. I totally feel another level of clean after showering. I never knew how showering with magnetize water provides a thorough deep clean of skin pores.


Too expensive for lasting such a short time.

Joseph Ipe

I am happy with how the product works.
Extremely happy with customer service

Loren L.
Best Shower Filters!!

I sware by Poseion BT100 shower head and the filters are amazing. It’s unlike any other shower head out there and you can truely see it working before your eyes! The satisfaction I get seeing the filter slowly turn brown capturing all the gunk in my water and filtering it out is wild. Then changing it to a fresh clean softener/filter. Nothing beats it!!

Charlene Hamilton
Great shower filters

We have been very happy with the shower filters and shower head . The shower has great pressure and my hair is noticeable healthier! Been using it for a couple of years now .