Poseion BT100® Showerhead

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Supercharge Your Showers With Magnetized Water, the Most Useful Soft Water on the Planet!

Discover the Magnetic Appeal of Poseion’s BT100® Showerhead

Your showers will never be the same! The Poseion BT100® Showerhead unleashes the power of soft water through Magnetized Water with a high-pressure flow to offer a superior bathing experience. Get a Deeper, more invigorating clean with the only Magnetized Water Showerhead in the World!

A High-Density Polypropylene Filter removes resting pollutants before the water is channeled through our patented Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer™, which realigns the water’s molecular structure. The water then shoots through our Signature Microplate, which is expertly designed to achieve satisfying pressure while using 35% less water.

The Poseion BT100® Showerhead is the most effective, most efficient, and most economical Magnetized Water Showerhead on the market. This luxurious technology that was once exclusively reserved for high society or the beau monde is finally available to the public! Now you have access to the luxurious skin care tools that was once reserved for your favorite celebrity.

It’s the experience you didn’t know you were missing. It’s showering as it was intended to be.

What is Magnetized Water?

Water is alive. It’s a living fluid in constant states of motion and renewal. It harnesses the power of light in its pursuit of purity. Just as we seek to be our best selves, so too does water attempt to attain its most perfect form. When water comes into contact with impurities, its molecular structure becomes imbalanced. This denigrates water’s integrity both as a force of life and as a cleansing tool.

With Magnetized Water, nothing sticks to your skin. Not even soap residue!

When water vortexes across rocky, uneven surfaces, however, it uses its supreme flexibility to adapt to its environment, eliminating undesirable pollutants and returning to a clear liquid-crystalline state. Water in this state is known variously as Structured Water, Exclusionary Zone (EZ) Water, or Magnetized Water. It might sound like New Age marketing speak, but the properties of Magnetized Water are observable phenomena backed by rigorous science.

The Benefits of Magnetized Water

So, why switch to Magnetized Water? Hasn’t regular tap or filtered water been doing the job?

Many people are amazed to discover just how different showering with Magnetized Water can be. There are two things that truly separate Magnetized Water from regular tap & filtered water: a deeper clean & supreme hydration.

When Magnetized, the surface tension of water is reduced. Where unmagnetized water is unable to penetrate beyond the surface of your skin, Magnetized Water is able to get deep into your pores thanks to this lowered surface tension, eliminating oil, sebum, and other contaminants. This results in a deeper, more refreshing clean than you’ve ever experienced.

Pore irrigation also helps your skin to fully absorb the water, leaving it feeling lush and hydrated - No more dry skin! This makes Magnetized Water an excellent addition to your skincare or anti-aging routine.

Those with sensitive or oily scalps will especially appreciate the cleansing and hydrating properties of Magnetized Water.

Easily rinse any type of hair, while providing unprecedented hydration and enhancing the quality of your hair. 

Just how effective is the BT100® Showerhead at providing a deeper, more hydrating shower experience? Independent clinical testing showed that after 4 weeks bathing with the BT100®, users saw:

  • 78% reduction in skin oiliness*
  • 83% reduction in scalp oiliness*
  • 403% increase in scalp hydration*
  • 24% reduction in sebum*
  • 3% increase in color tone radiance*

*denotes results after 4 weeks of use from independent clinical tests conducted on the Poseion BT100® by the internationally recognized Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR).

It’s time to experience the truly deep clean and softness that can only come from Magnetized Water.

Purchase yours now!

Product Features
  • High-Density Propylene Sediment Filter – Filters out hard water sediment and particles 5 microns and larger - roughly the size of one of your smallest blood vessels.
  • Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer – Transforms water into Magnetized Water that lowers water’s surface tension to deliver an unprecedented level of clean and skin hydration; all while reducing overall sebum & oiliness.
  • Microplate – Contains 315 – 0.20 mm holes – Pressurizes your shower experience via a non-adjustable spray pattern, while reducing the overall amount of water used by up to 35% without sacrificing your shower experience. 
  • Aesthetically Designed Viewing Ports - Allows you to view water’s transformation into Magnetized Water as well as the status of your Sediment Filter while it works to transform your shower water.
  • Iteratively Engineered to be durable, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing.
Product Specifications

Product Manufacturer:
Product Model Number: BT100®
Product Weight: 7.76 oz.
Product Dimensions: 3.62 in. x 2.87 in. x 9.50 in.
Product Styles: White/Black
Product Materials: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate/Aluminum
Product Components: Showerhead Assembly Housing, Sediment Filter, Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer, Microplate
Spray Pattern: Non-Adjustable
Flow Rate: 2.49 gpm/CA CEC Compliant Flow Rate: 1.79 gpm
Installation Method: Easily installs and fits all standard showerhead hoses.
Product Usage: Commercial/Residential, Outdoor, Indoor, Home
Shipping Information: Free Shipping
Warranty Information: Limited/Lifetime Warranty - See Warranty Page
Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

ASME A112.18.1
2.49 gpm (9.45 Liter/min) maximum @ 80 psi
1.88 gpm (7.14 Liter/min) minimum @ 45 psi

For use with automatic compensating valve rated at 2.3 gpm (8.7 L/min) or less

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Victoria Beets
Poseion is amazing

I love my new Poseion shower head! It's really made a big difference. I am injoy shower every time I use it! I actually purchased another one for my son and he loves it!

Will Daniel

This thing doesnt need batteries!? How could something so simple be so powerful?

Jacqueline Brown
Difference maker

I completely felt the difference in my skin after I had to switch back to my old showerhead when we let my parents borrow it. It wasnt immediate, but after a few days of not using it, I felt like water from my ordinary showerhead left a residue on my skin, and my skin was noticeably drier.